We are on a mission to make a difference in the world. One immersive experiences at a time.


We are the masters of immersive and interactive experiences that are not only mind-blowing, but also leave a positive impact on the world. We don’t just make AR/VR and interactive experiences for the sake of it – we’re on a mission to make a real difference and leave this world a better place than we found it.


Be sun safe and think good thoughts.

The Thing In The Wall is a location-based, 45-minute AR storytelling experience which focuses on promoting healthy habits through five unique themes, each represented by a different creature. From ‘The Lunchbox Thing’ and healthy eating habits to ‘The Wall Thing’ addressing the mental health of our kids, this was a passion project of ours which we conceptualised, built, and took to market.


Can an AR robot improve empathy?

R.E.M.I. is an AR interactive comic book using gamification to foster empathy in kids, a joint venture between Activate Studios and Griffith University. A scholarship sponsored by Activate Studios tasked one Honours student with building, testing and assisting with the rollout of a pre and post survey which proved empathy increased in users of the app.

Endangered SPECIES

Find endangered monsters at Perth Museum

Activate conceptualised an AR experience called The Monster Zoo in 2013, which was inspired by a passion for ‘tech for good.’ The experience challenged users to find monsters modelled after endangered animals, with the goal of promoting conservation and raising awareness for these species, which often lack a voice in society.


Plastics, habitat destruction and climate change.

When Lendlease approached us to develop an AR experience for Sunshine Plaza, we were able to meet our clients needs and also  create something that was educational. The Underwater Adventure series enabled us to take children on a journey through the ocean, introducing them to various sea creatures and teaching them about about environmental protection and preservation.

educating The next genERATION

They can do it better. They can get it right.

Wherever possible, Activate will always look to inspire, educate and encourage the young and the young at heart through beautifully crafted tech-driven experiences. 
What is the good that you want to leave behind?