Griffith University

An interactive comic book AR experience which increases empathy.

Project Overview:

Activate Studios partnered with Griffith University to develop R.E.M.I., an augmented reality interactive comic book scientifically designed to increase empathy in young people aged 8-10 years.

Our Solution:

The app combines hand-drawn 2D parallax illustrations in a comic book format with gamification elements. Choices made throughout the user’s journey affect the social and physical development of the character R.E.M.I., as well as the treatment of the main character, Alice, by others in the narrative.

Key Features Included:

  • Augmented reality interactive comic book.
  • Hand-drawn 2D parallax illustrations.
  • Gamification elements to influence story outcomes.
  • Designed to increase empathy in young users.
  • Collaborative project with Griffith University.

In the News


Increased empathy proven by the Activate Studios Scholarship.

Pamela Saleme Ruiz, the winner of the Activate Studios Scholarship at Griffith University, developed a pre- and post-survey for R.E.M.I. and assist with the rollout of the survey in schools. Ultimately the research concluded that R.E.M.I. did increase empathy in its users.

R.E.M.I. was officially launched at an event hosted by Positive Humans Movement on 31 Jan 2018 in Brisbane, Australia. The launch was attended by the Hon Di Farmer, Minister for Youth, and Terri Butler, Shadow Minister for Family Violence, as well as officials from Queensland Education.

Future chapters for R.E.M.I. have already been penned, as is it’s integration with A.I.

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