The Thing In The Wall

A children's AR experience about healthy habits.

This AR experience uses storytelling to move participants through a physical game-like experience with a classic ‘level-up’ function of gaming where clues decipher in order to progress.

The Thing In The Wall is a location-based, 45-minute AR storytelling experience which focuses on promoting healthy habits through five unique themes, each represented by a different creature. From ‘The Lunchbox Thing’ and healthy eating habits to ‘The Wall Thing’ addressing the mental health of our kids, this was a passion project of ours which we conceptualised, built, and took to market.

The themes of The Thing In The Wall.

The Thing in the Wall augmented reality experience explores a variety of themes centralised around being a healthy person by making good choices. Each Thing introduces an area of healthy habits!

The Lunchbox Thing: Healthy Eating
The Sock Thing: Presentation
The Pencil Thing: Good Student
The Hat Thing: Sun Smart
The Wall Thing: Mental Health

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