The Ekka App

Royal Queensland Show

A digital guide for visitors of the Ekka.

Project Overview:

Activate Studios developed the Ekka app to revolutionise the visitor experience at Brisbane’s iconic agriculture exhibition. This iOS and Android app serves as a central hub for event information, showbag listings, and showground navigation, providing a seamless and immersive experience with innovative technologies like augmented reality (AR).

Our Solution:

The Ekka app features a robust event listing and planning tool, a detailed showground map, and an interactive AR game called “Milo’s Magic.” Users can easily find and organize events, navigate the showgrounds with precision, and participate in an engaging AR treasure hunt, ensuring an educational and entertaining experience for all visitors.

Key Features Included:

  • Powerful search and filter system for finding events, stalls, and locations.
  • Real-time map functionality for user location and route planning.
  • Notification system controllable by RNA for segmented updates.
  • Photo capture and social media sharing.
  • Competitions for winning showbags or food vouchers.
  • Augmented Reality Game – Milo’s Magic: Users help Milo, the Ekka mascot, catch enchanted sheep around the showgrounds using geo-location and image recognition.

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