I want to be in AR!

StoryArts Festival

Reimagining Narelle Oliver's book in AR and purpose built app.

Project Overview:

Activate Studios partnered with StoryArts Festival to reimagine Narelle Oliver’s book ‘I Want To Be In a Book’ using AR technology, resulting in the ‘I Want To Be In AR!’ app.

Our Solution:

Developed for installation at the Ipswich Art Gallery, the ‘I Want To Be In AR!’ app brought the illustrations of Narelle Oliver to life through augmented reality. This purpose-built iOS and Android app was featured at the opening of the StoryArts Festival Ipswich.

Key Features Included:

  • Reimagined print narrative in augmented reality.
  • Purpose-built iOS and Android app.
  • Interactive AR experience of Narelle Oliver’s illustrations.
  • Installation at Ipswich Art Gallery.
  • Featured at the StoryArts Festival Ipswich.

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