Lone Pine

Animal Orchestra

A digital installation.

Projectors that project visuals onto walls, an Xbox Kinect Sensor that detects visitors’ movements on the floor, and speakers that play the audio overlays is used in the interactive installation.

Visitors may discover the Animal Orchestra on their own, or be drawn to the experience of others. However, the true discovery comes as they work together – it takes at least four people to fully activate the experience as the experience involves four markers on the ground, each representing a different group of animals – reptiles, mammals, birds, and insects.

Standing on these markers activates audio overlays and projects visuals that match the type of animal on the marker. Visitors can activate one to four spaces at once, and when the activated sounds of each animal group are played together, they form a melody or rhythm. The projected screen shows a natural-looking environment background with animal groups overlayed, which could be subtle or obvious.

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