AR Swift Launch & Activation

A purpose built app and AR experience.

Suzuki was looking for new ways of engagement so we created an AR activation experience engaging customers to be able to view the 2017 Swift in AR and a purpose built app with all its features and specifications available.

Our team collected reference images of the new Suzuki Swift and Sport model cars and created a highly detailed 3D model that accurately captured each cars distinct features, including its body shape, headlights, taillights, wheels, and other details.

The ‘What’s In The Box’ activation in Brisbane’s Queen St Mall was held, featuring the application, where potential buyers scanned a box with the AR feature in the app which generated the car and were then able to experience a virtual closeup of the car, with the ability to customise it with different colours and wheels while also viewing vital information on the cars specifications and features. The ‘Sportify’ function turned the 3D Swift model into the Swift Sport in a 3D animated sequence.

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