AR Swift Launch & Activation

SUZUKI AR Swift Launch & Activation A purpose built app and AR experience. Suzuki was looking for new ways of engagement so we created an AR activation experience engaging customers to be able to view the 2017 Swift in AR and a purpose built app with all its features and specifications available. Our team collected […]

Virtual AR Car Showroom

AR CAR SHOWROOM Suzuki A purpose built AR car showroom app. The Suzuki AR Showroom application allows potential buyers to see, experience and personalise their choice of car. From various colours and accessories to each models unique features and specifications. Our team collected reference images of each car and created a highly detailed 3D model […]

Trade Show VR Experience

Suzuki Jimny Trade Show VR Experience A VR experience with 360 video. The Suzuki Jimny Off-Road VR Experience showcased the off-road capabilities of the new Jimny at trade shows across Australia. The project was created using a 360-degree video and custom-built VR software, which allowed potential buyers to experience the thrill of taking the Suzuki […]