AR Swift Launch & Activation

AR Swift Launch & Activation Suzuki A purpose built app and AR experience. Project Overview: Suzuki sought innovative ways to engage customers for the 2017 Swift launch, leading to the development of an AR activation experience and a purpose-built app. Our Solution: Activate Studios created a detailed AR experience allowing customers to view the 2017 […]

Virtual AR Car Showroom

AR Car Showroom Suzuki A purpose built AR car showroom app. Project Overview: Activate Studios developed a purpose-built AR car showroom app for Suzuki, allowing potential buyers to see, experience, and personalise their choice of car. Our Solution: The Suzuki AR Showroom app features highly detailed 3D models of cars, created from reference images to […]

Trade Show VR Experience

Jimny Trade Show VR Experience Suzuki A VR experience with 360 video. Project Overview: Activate Studios developed the Suzuki Jimny Off-Road VR Experience, showcasing the off-road capabilities of the new Jimny at trade shows across Australia using immersive 360-degree video. Our Solution: We created a custom-built VR software that placed users in the driver’s seat, […]