Koala ‘Interactive Wall’ Exhibit

Lone Pine Interactive Wall An interactive wall exhibit. The Interactive Koala Display Wall is a state-of-the-art multimedia exhibit that provides visitors with an immersive learning experience. It features high-resolution touch screens, dynamic graphics, and engaging videos that display the koalas’ lifestyle, urbanisation threats, and disease susceptibility. The content is presented in an interactive format that […]

‘Animal Orchestra’ Digital Installation

Lone Pine Animal Orchestra A digital installation. Projectors that project visuals onto walls, an Xbox Kinect Sensor that detects visitors’ movements on the floor, and speakers that play the audio overlays is used in the interactive installation. Visitors may discover the Animal Orchestra on their own, or be drawn to the experience of others. However, […]

‘Footprints’ Digital Installation

Lone Pine Footprints A digital installation. Footprints follows a selection of native Australian animal interactions depicted by their footprints which were projected onto the floor of the installation, as seen from a top down view. Each set of tracks tells its own individual narrative. An additional corresponding projection on the wall displays visual and textual […]