The pros and cons of love

in Augmented Reality

The Problem

How can a group of young artists develop tales of queerness into an installation that utilises emerging technologies for the MELT Queer Festival at the Brisbane Powerhouse.

The Solution

A digital art installation activated through a free iOS and Android application in which the audience can view each artist’s 3D representation of the positive and negative side of love.

The Result

Beautiful 3D AR art by artists Sophie Reid-Singer, Fiarrah Poole, Gaby Bisaro and Julia Hocken on display at the front of the Brisbane Powerhouse for MELT, 17th – 27th May 2018.


About the Project

True Toxic Love is an exploration into the highest highs and the lowest lows of queer relationships. Presented using augmented reality technology and invisible to the naked eye until revealed using a device and a free iOS/Android app. Curated and created by queer artists, True Toxic Love combines emerging technology with an age old framing tool, relationships.

The Process

Through a series of workshops, a small group of interdisciplinary artists worked together to discuss the highs and lows of queer culture and love. Through drawing, these conversations were given tangible form and further reiterated into 3D using VR and AR technology. These 3D models, woven into structures reminiscent of coiling film cells, represent aspects of each artist’s experiences. The cells contained within the film strips are glitched, eluding to alternative narratives that fall outside of heteronormativity.

Why we got a kick of this project

The True Toxic Love experience encapsulates stories from a diverse mix of queer artists and pushed the Activate team to explore the capabilities of AR technologies within the gallery space. True Toxic Love was a love project in every sense of the term.

Experience it at home. Get the App.

Available on iOS iPad, iPhone and Android devices.

Let’s give it a go!

Right here. Right now. Open the app.

Click on each of the 4 track pads below to open the larger image and then view the track pad through the True Toxic Love app to see the art on display at the MELT festival by the amazing artists.

You can download all 8 track pads here

and print them for some cool digital art around your house!

Maybe it’ll be your work showcased next!

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