Augmented Reality Production

Education, Training, Marketing.

Augmented Reality

What is augmented reality (AR)? Well, AR is when 3D digital people, creatures, or objects look as though they existing in our reality.

At Activate Studios we produce AR experiences which help in the workplace or at home as well as getting customers excited and engaged!

We can make anything in AR but we love to focus
on training and marketing experiences.

Making Augmented Reality

Activate Studios is an awarding winning augmented reality production company based in Brisbane.

We pride ourselves in building incredible augmented reality solutions. Our production process moves through research, storyboarding and narrative production, creative asset construction, development, testing, refinement and deployment.

We produce AR for all sorts of devices like
iOS, Android, Magic Leap and DAQARI.

Our feature AR project:

Brisbane Marketing: AR Portal

AR Portal is an app that includes a series of 360 videos designed to showcase the city of Brisbane’s most popular tourist destinations to Aussie travellers.

Users step through an augmented reality doorway to enter a new destination where they can experience what it’s really like to be there! We created three different portal destinations including Brisbane’s Eat Street Northshore and Kangaroo Point Cliffs, as well as Stradbroke Island!

AR productions

Some of our projects

We have been producers of AR content and experiences for more than 5 years now. We were before our time in the world of augmented reality, and due to this, are now experts in the field.

AR for Entertainment & Education

Ipswich Library

‘AR Adventures’ and ‘Magic Mirror’ are augmented reality installations at Ipswich Library south of Brisbane, which enable children to enter themed worlds, explore visual effects and share their video creations.

AR Marketing

AR Portals with 360 Video

Augmented reality portals appeared in Sydney and Melbourne where users walked through to experience three Brisbane locations in AR, whilst interacting with the 360 video. Brisbane Marketing used these portals to market Brisbane and increase tourism in the colder months and promote unique Brisbane experiences such as Stradbroke Island.

AR Education

Gamification of medication literacy

The MedAugment™ app uses augmented reality to help users get a better understanding about their medications and related diseases or conditions, by scanning the packages or boxes of the medications. The app has been developed for smart devices and is the output of a research collaboration in Australia, between Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Activate Studios, NPS MedicineWise, Diabetes Queensland, TerryWhite Chemmart Group, and Princess Alexandra Hospital.

Let’s work together

The possible commercial and educational applications of AR are unlimited.

There are many advantages to using augmented reality in areas like medicine, tourism, the workplace, maintenance, and advertising.

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