The iconic Lone pine koala Sanctuary was looking for an educational and interactive experience for families visiting the newly developed Koala Research Center. Being the home to an array of native Australian animals such as kangaroos, wombats, snakes, dingos, frogs and of course koalas, it was up to Activate to showcase each animal in an innovative and exciting way using digital technologies. This led to the creation of Footprints! We want to give you a preview of the exciting work that has commenced on the project so far and take you on the Footprint journey!

First let us set the scene. Using projectors animated videos will be displayed on both a feature wall and the floor of the Koala Research Center, with speakers set up to fully immerse visitors in the sound of the Australian bushland. Think animals scurrying through the bush, birds chirping, snakes hissing and a dingo howling. As visitors enter the Koala Research Center they are drawn in to the exhibit by subtle movements on the ground and the slight sounds of animals scurrying around in the distance. As they move nearer they will see the footprints, shadows, impressions and animal activity on the ground. On the feature wall the animals which these footprint belong to will be projected and then it is then up to the visitors to uncover the mysterious stories that await them.

By following the footprints a story is uncovered which takes the visitors on a path which may start, stop, pause, slow or end at a feature or animal in the room. Kids will be amazed to learn which animals drink together, if lizards scatter away when a snake slides on by or if koalas only come to the ground when dingos return to the den.


Follow the stories, use your imagination and discover the hidden worlds within Footprints!!

With construction still underway visitors will have to wait a little longer to embark on the Footprints experience but stay tuned for more updates!


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