There is no doubt that there is a lot of movement in the world of augmented reality. If you are a future idealist like myself, you will be also chomping at the bit for tomorrow to hurry up and get here. The great thing is that, it pretty much already is. Technological advancements are leaping forward with companies like Metaio & Daqri soon to be household names. This new digital world will surround us in a way that will make it difficult to determine what is digital and what is analog. The work that Activate Entertainment has done within this field has been received in a surprising manner. Young people are not overly impressed by this beautiful technological move forward. Rather, they are very comfortable interacting and exploring it all. Our latest experience ‘The Monster Zoo’ which was held at Perth’s Museum as a part of the Awesome Arts Festival 2014 saw young people roam around the venue in search of invisible endangered monsters whilst filming a documentary about their experience. This concept was very successful and the participants developed some great skills however from a technological viewpoint, they were not too fussed, just as long as it worked.

What does this say about the next generation? Exciting things. We have progressed to a point (and quickly I might add) that as a species ‘techno-fear’ will soon be dead, thankfully. Add to this the next generations curiously. Like the generations before them, their curiosity will take them to weird and wonderful places, the difference is that they are starting from a very exciting and unique position where things like touch screens, augmented reality, 3D printing, and hover-boards will be what they grow up with. It’s a great time to be a kid.

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